6-Ply Paper Dunnage Air Bag - 48" x 84"

Item #: T-034753
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  • Features:
  • 6-layer kraft outside and durable inner bladder
  • Double folded end seams glued with beads of adhesive
  • 29.4 PSI Burst Capacity
  • Outstanding load stabilizing capacity
  • Bag markings help with proper placement
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • 6-Ply Paper Dunnage Air Bag - 48" x 84"

    Item #: T-034753

    The FastFill paper dunnage air bag is a convenent solution for bracing and cushioning between pallet loads or boxes during shipping. The trapped air inside the bag provides durable cushioning to protect against shifting; shock; and vibration. The inner bladder is is designed to retain air up to 14 days without loss of more than 0.5 PSI. The seams of the airbags are glued using multiple beads of adhesive glue and special folding procedure; which maximizes the paper's tensile strength.

    • Width: 48"
    • Length: 84"
    • Level: Level 3
    • Material: Inner: Linear Low Density Polyethylene
    • Outer: Extensible Kraft Paper
    • Max PSI: 8
    • Ply: 6
    • Transportation Type: Truck, Intermodal,Ocean Container,Vessel & Rail
    • Type: Paper Dunnage Air Bags