2-Ply Paper Dunnage Airbag - 36" x 66"

Item #: T-037283
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  • Features:
  • Outstanding load stabilizing capacity
  • Uses 3.2 stitches per inch. which helps maximize the paper's tensile strength
  • 7 PSI Average Burst Capacity
  • Available in Fast Fill & Turbo Super Fill
  • 2-Ply Paper Dunnage Airbag - 36" x 66"

    Item #: T-037283

    Dunnage air bags are a conveneint; affordable solution for filling the void or empty space between boxes or pallet loads. 2-ply paper air bags are excellent for light-duty truck applications. The trapped air inside these bags helps protect against shifting; shock; and vibration. The internal bladder is designed to to retain air for up to 14 days without loss of more than 0.5 PSI. The paper air bag seams are stitched using polypropylene thread coupled with filler cord and crepe tape binding.

    • Width: 36"
    • Length: 66"
    • Level: Level 1
    • Material: Inner: Linear Low Density Polyethylene
    • Outer: Extensible Kraft Paper
    • Max PSI: 3
    • Ply: 2
    • Transportation Type: Truck, Intermodal& Ocean Container
    • Type: Paper Dunnage Air Bags